Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tidying Up

In a bid to make my workspace more efficient, I've been having a tidy up and a quick beautify of my storage options. This is not a work avoidance tactic. I've increasingly found as I've got busier over the last year or so that I waste an awful lot of time just looking for stuff that I need in my studio. The trouble is I hate looking at plastic, functional stuff no matter how practical it is. These three jars previously served a pointless ornamental purpose storing wholewheat (honestly - when were we ever going to eat that) pasta shapes. I've reinvented them as storage jars for some of my myriad embellishments and trims using scaled-down prints of some lovely botanical drawings that I collected from Homes & Antiques magazine last year. Very simple, I used the photocopier to get the size I needed, measured up the jar, cut out an appropriate shape and slotted them in. Piece of cake and nice to look at. Now back to work!

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