Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Nice Nod From Business Boom Bolton

It's always a pleasure to be recognised in your own back yard which is why I was very proud to read an article about my exploits on the excellent Business Boom Bolton blog today. Business Boom is a central hub supporting and promoting local creative businesses and they contacted me last week because they found my shop on Folksy and were interested in promoting me. I sent them some quotes and images and voila! Hot off the press. I'm very grateful. It was particularly good to read because they were also kind enough to give a mention to my BOYGIRLBOY exploits as well. Thanks very much indeed! 

A little bit of a big shameless plug

I've been very quiet recently because I've been hatching a new arm of the business and now I can say that I am happy to present BOYGIRLBOY - Bespoke Framed Seating Plans creating custom designed plans and matching guestbook signature frames for wedding and formal dinners. The idea grew out of my own wedding four years ago when I wanted to set up my seating plan as an enduring keepsake to hang at home after the big day and I couldn't find a company doing it the way I wanted it. http://www.boygirlboy.com. I have just published a press release on a new blog http://www.boygirlboyblog.blogspot.com. Fear not, I have not given up on my beloved cushions but I have had to spend some serious time getting it all set up. Shortly, I will be turning my attention to produce for FromTheWilde.com's lovely Christmas shop. More on that shortly. In the meantime, I will be heading down to London to officially launch BOYGIRLBOY at the National Wedding Show. More on that soon. Wish me luck and thanks for reading.